Trickerion - Dahlagaard Academy - Ext (Fr)

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Players : 1 à 4          Durée : 60-180 Mins           Age : 14+

WARNING ! Game in french

Dahlagaard Academy :

In his will, the Grand Dahlgaard, benefactor of Magoria, entrusted his heir with a grandiose task: to restore his manor as the Academy of Magoria, symbol of the new golden age of the city.

The magicians came from all over, building Classrooms to teach future illusionists and Training Rooms to perfect their Towers.

Includes a solo mode.


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  • 1x Academy board
  • 2x teaching markers
  • 16x Classroom tiles
  • 16x Training room tiles
  • 20x Protected Secret Tiles
  • 4x Closed Room Tiles
  • 12x Magician cards
  • 7x Tokens prophecy
  • 2x Open Room Tokens
  • 2x Markers Professor Bernard
  • 2x Teaching Markers
  • 12x Magician poster
  • 14x extra pieces
  • 1x Academy assignment sticker
  • 22x Special Assignment Cards
  • 4x Protected extension tray
  • 4x Permanent Assignment Maps
  • 16x Magic trick markers
  • 48 Wooden Banners
  • 16x Academy Markers
  • 8x Character discs protected
  • 1x Rule of the game
  • Solo Mode
  • 17 cards of the heir
  • 12x Show cards
  • 2x Round Configuration Markers
  • 5x Dice Round Configuration
  • 1x Crown board
  • 1x Rule of the game

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Mindclash Games
Richard Amann, Viktor Peter
Villő Farkas, László Fejes