Trickerion (Fr)

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Players : 2 à 4          Playing Time : 60-180 Mins           Age : 14+ 

WARNING ! Game in french

The illusionist, it’s you!

In Trickerion, players embody rival illusionists, each with their own strengths and characteristics. They are fighting for fortune and fame in a tournament organized by a legendary magician. This tournament will find a successor to the famous Trickerion Magic Stone!

A superb investment and management game with abundant and magnificent material. A cult game!


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  • 1x Main Tray
  • 4x Player Boards (Workshop)
  • 12x Trays Specialist
  • 32x Discs Character (8 of each color)
  • 8x Player Pieces (Coloured Wooden Cylinders)
  • 6x Dice Downtown
  • 48x Magic Trick Cards (4 per Prestige level (1, 16 and 36) from each Magic School)
  • 40x Permanent Assignment Cards (10 for each player)
  • 48x Special Assignment Cards (12 for each Location)
  • 90x Power Cards (30 of each color)
  • 40x Show Cards
  • 8x Magician cards (double sided)
  • 8x Magician’s Poster Cards
  • 12x magic trick Configuration Boards
  • 64x Magic Trick Tokens
  • 16x Tokens Symbol
  • 96x Materials (40 Basic, 32 Advanced, 24 Superior)
  • 28x Pieces of 1
  • 16x Pieces of 5
  • 27x Tokens of Prophecy
  • 50x Shards of Trickerion
  • 1x Crystal of Trickerion magic trick counter
  • 4x Game Aids
  • 1x Rule of the game

Data sheet

Mindclash Games
Richard Amann, Viktor Peter
Villő Farkas, László Fejes