Dice Hospital - Soins Communautaires (FR)

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Players : 1 à 5          Playing Time : 45-90 Mins           Age : 10+

WARNING ! Game in french

3 extensions in one box!

In the City extension, your ambulances will move around town to pick up the sick. After you have parked it, your paramedics rush into the streets to gurgle your dice patients to your vehicle. But be careful! The first player will have a helicopter at his disposal. Moreover, the sick, in worse health, will bring bonuses!

In the Maternity extension, your hospital has a maternity service to accommodate mothers and their babies. We reassure you, they cannot end up in the morgue, but they will have to be in small care anyway before leaving your establishment and allow you to achieve a goal! Plan their place anyway, otherwise a de-ma will become a classic de-patient. Of course, this brand new service requires new dice, midwives and also new specialized care rooms.

In the Enhancements expansion, it’s time to renovate your hospital, make it more reliable and efficient for the best treatment of your patients! At each round, you will be able to acquire tokens that will be added to your existing rooms that will then be triggered by the visit of your nurses or specialists! This time, you’ll be on the cutting edge!

Everything will be in its Deluxe version and a 5th player possible

Requires basic box available HERE


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  • 20 City tiles
  • admissions table
  • 5 Ambulance Pawns
  • 5 inlet markers
  • 5 numbered tokens
  • 1 3D Helicopter Figure
  • 30 City Bonus Coins
  • 5 admission pieces
  • 1 parking lot of admissions
  • 8 Service tiles
  • 1 investment plateau
  • 8 Specialist cards
  • 1 Hospital Director Card
  • 42 Investment Tokens (3 colours)
  • 2 Hospital Director (Maternity) cards
  • 16 Maternity Specialist cards
  • 16 Maternity Service tiles
  • 20 chevrons Pediatric chamber
  • 8 Nurse pawns (pink)
  • 1 de Midwife
  • 20 de Mother
  • 30 small dice Baby
  • 12 Automa Hospital Cards
  • 12 Automa Decision Cards
  • 8 tiles First player Automa

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S. Kordonskiy & M. Nudd
S. Miramon