Dice Hospital (Fr)

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Players : 1 à 4          Playing Time : 45-90 Mins          Age : 10+

WARNING! Game in French

Life depends on a die!

Welcome to your hospital, where your patients are dice! Use your medical pawns to treat patients who arrive by ambulance! Expand your hospital to treat more and more by opening new services and hiring specialists. By combining the right equipment and the best doctors, you will treat many patients. When a patient is cured, they leave your hospital and earn you points.

Using an original workers placement mechanism combined with dice handling mechanics, Dice Hospital offers a unique and fresh look at the hospital theme.



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Contents :

  • 24 Service tiles
  • 4 Hospital Trays
  • 1 counter of Score
  • 24 Specialist cards
  • 15 Event Cards
  • 5 Ambulances cards
  • 63 dice
  • 41 nurses pawns
  • 16 Blood Pockets Tokens
  • 15 Medical Balance Sheets
  • 4 Game Aids
  • 8 Hospital Director Cards
  • 8 player markers
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 1 dice bag

Data sheet

Alley Cat Games
S. Kordonskiy & M. Nudd
S. Miramon