Age of Innovation (Fr)

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Players: 1 à 5         Playing Time : 40 Mins per Player       Age : 14+

WARNING ! Game in French

The innovation of Terra Mystica

Age of Innovation is an independent game in the universe of Terra Mystica. Many factions, each with unique characteristics, populate the vast lands of this world. It is on these that you will erect buildings and merge them to form cities. Each game allows you to create new combinations of factions, homelands and powers, ensuring infinite replayability. You are the head of one of these factions. It is up to you to transform the lands of the plateau into lands adapted to your people in order to build your buildings. Rely on your neighbors to gain benefits, but maintain a sufficient distance to expand your territory!

Upgrade your buildings to earn valuable resources such as tools, scholars, money and power. Build schools to advance your research and collect books to bring innovations. Erect your palace to unlock a unique special ability, or build workshops, guilds and universities to expand your cultural reach

Find all the tension of Terra Mystica in this new game with even more faction combinations.


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  • 1 main board 
  • 4 Final Score Tiles 
  • 18 tiles Innovation
  • 1 panel Order of turn 
  • 12 Score Tiles 
  • 17 Palace tiles
  • 48 books (12 of each color) 
  • 4 tiles counting agglomerations 
  • 5 chips points 100/200
  • 56 tiles Land 
  • 48 tiles Skill 
  • 125 pieces
  • 12 different factions 
  • 1 base section of tray 
  • 20 X tokens
  • 6 tiles Action of book 
  • 10 Tiles Bonus Round 
  • 149 elements of neutral color
  • 21 tiles City 
  • 7 boards Player 
  • 252 elements for players
  • 1 Research tray 
  • 7 terrain maps
  • 2 additional tray sections 
  • 5 game aids

Data sheet

Helge Ostertag
Alvaro Calvo Escudero, Lukas Siegmon