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Boonlake (Fr)

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Players: 1 à 4          Playing Time : 40 Mins / player       Age : 14+

WARNING ! Game in French

A land to colonize for a new world!

You have left all forms of civilization. Accompanied by a group of pioneers, you settled in Boonlake, an abandoned area on the lake of the same name. This land has not yet been explored, but seems to have been inhabited by humans in the past. This place attracts you! Take part in this new community and commit yourselves to the common good. Explore the surroundings, build houses and villages, raise cattle, produce raw materials and develop infrastructure. Automate processes, take your chance and make the most of your new life… in Boonlake.

In this expert game by Alexander Pfister, your goal is to improve your life and that of your group. It is up to you to decide how you want to proceed. Thanks to an innovative mechanism on Actions, each part unfolds differently. Are you going to focus on expansion, help build infrastructure, or follow your own goals? Each Action must be carefully considered: not only can other players benefit from it, but it also determines the distance your Ship can travel. The faster and the farther you go, the better. Indeed, only the smartest sailors get good rewards.


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  • 1 game board
  • 4 double layer player trays
  • 165 project maps
  • 42 construction tiles
  • 128 wooden elements
  • 36 levers
  • 16 production sites
  • 10 solo tiles
  • 1 Action Tray
  • 7 platelets Action
  • 14 Vases
  • 62 Pieces
  • 16 scoring tiles
  • 16 score markers
  • 4 markers 100/200
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 1 rule book
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Alexander Pfister
Klemens Franz