A la Gloire d'Odin (Fr)

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 Players: 1 à 4          Playing Time : 120 Mins         Age : 14+

WARNING! Game in French

In To the Glory of Odin trade, hunt, launch raids, plunder, sack and plunder again!

Build houses, explore new lands, and above all, prepare a feast for the glory of Odin. In this beautiful strategy game, Uwe Rosenberg invites you to relive this past era. Each game creates a new world on your player board. A wide variety of actions and trades will grant your Vikings the favor of the gods!

«To the Glory of Odin» tells an epic saga with each game you play. You relive the cultural successes, the commercial expeditions, and the looting of what we now call “Vikings”, a term that had a different meaning at the end of the first millennium.

In this game you can explore new territories, or ravage them. You will also simulate everyday life, gathering resources to access a stable financial position within society.

At the end of the game, the player with the most valuable possessions wins.



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  • 2 plastic boxes
  • 1 orange dice with 8 sides,
  • 1 blue dice with 12 sides,
  • 1 game board
  • 2 extension tiles
  • 4 players boards
  • 1 reserve tray for boats
  • 4 exploration trays
  • 1 oval tray
  • 15 special tiles,
  • 1 abstract handle tile,
  • 3 tiles of Cabane,
  • 3 stone house tiles,
  • 5 long house tiles,
  • 8 tiles on the mountainside,
  • 32 ship tiles
  • 125 pieces of silver,
  • 32 wood,
  • 24 stones,
  • 40 ores,
  • 190 business cards
  • 47 Weapon cards
  • 346 resource tiles
  • 7 penalty tiles,
  • 48 Vikings
  • 1 moose figure (1st player),
  • 1 advance marker cube
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Uwe Rosenberg
Dennis Lohausen