Glory - Un jeu de chevaliers (Fr)

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 Players: 1 à 4          Playing Time : 30 Mins / Player         Age : 14+

WARNING! Game in French

You are a knight!

The High Middle Ages. All over Europe, noble knights from all walks of life compete in epic equestrian jousts, competing boldly and bravely to cover their glory. The tournament is waiting for you!

You are a young nobleman in search of thrills and fame, but before you enter the competition, you will have to obtain a strong armor, a robust steed, and gather the support necessary for your cause.

Choose your tournament style, and compete against your peers, or compete against renowned knights who are just waiting to be challenged. It is by carefully preparing the confrontation that you will win the victory.

Will your martial prowess be sung in the great courts of Europe? Or will you be distinguished by honour and piety? Will your name be remembered in the centuries to come, like Jacques de Lalaing or the knight Bayard, without fear and without reproach? It’s up to you to chart your way to glory!


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  • 1 main tray
  • 1 double sided tournament board
  • 4 individual trays
  • 36 engraved dice
  • 29 wooden pieces
  • 99 small cards (“Mini Euro”, 44x68 mm)
  • 54 large cards (“Euro”, 58x88 mm)
  • 48 Support tiles
  • 32 Knight tiles
  • 16 Coat of Arms tiles
  • 16 tiles Relic
  • 116 tokens
  • 1 rules booklet

Data sheet

Strategos Games
Dominik "Lir" Mucha, Marcin "Wis" Wisthal
Tymoteusz Chliszcz, Sandra Guja, Milek Jakubiec, Radosław Jaszczuk, Jarek Nocoń