About us

SUPER MEEPLE is a publisher.

We are a Parisian publishing company since 2014. For the first few years, we reissued games that we consider to be «playful pillars», games that are indispensable to any game library! We reworked the visual, perfected the rules and paid special attention to the quality of the material.

If we want to continue to revive the great classics in the coming years, we have also decided to work on new original games. Games for which we had a crush during the first tests, because they bring a new mechanics, because the theme and mechanics alliance was particularly successful or simply … and even above all, because we had a lot of fun playing it!

And finally Super Meeple added a string to his bow by locating in French games from foreign publishers since 2018. Favorite games, popular games by players, reference games …

Reissues, original game editions and localizations are now what Super Meeple offers!